Why is Tweex different?

by rich on November 27, 2010

Tweex is a pretty standard Twitter client – with some special magic intended for TV viewers. If you select any of the items under “Twitter” on the left-hand side, you’ll see that Tweex behaves pretty much like every twitter client – though we think it does some things pretty well – better than most clients.

However, if you select “What’s On Now” from the left-hand side, you’ll discover a whole new world of Twitter goodness! Our servers keep track of what shows are hot, right now. Simply select the show you want to watch, and Tweex will automatically select the best possible Twitter #Tags and @Names for an awesome commentary on the show. It adds a whole new element to watching any show on TV!

And, the magic doesn’t stop there. You can add your own #Tags and @Names to the view, and customize your experience.

When you tweet, Tweex excels as well. Try clicking on some of your #tags as you tweet. You’ll notice that Tweex inserts your tags into the tweet you’re writing, making it quick and easy to comment on any show.

Tweex remembers your recent shows, making it easy to watch and tweet about your favorite shows each week.

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