Frequently Asked Questions

Tweex is an awesome Twitter client designed for people who like to watch TV shows or sports.

Not yet... We support the iPad right now, and are trying to determine people's interest in an iPhone version of Tweex. Let us know at info@Tweex.TV

Tweex is a pretty standard Twitter client - with some special magic intended for TV viewers. If you select any of the items under "Twitter" on the left-hand side, you'll see that Tweex behaves pretty much like every twitter client - though we think it does some things pretty well - better than most clients.

However, if you select "What's On Now" from the left-hand side, you'll discover a whole new world of Twitter goodness! Our servers keep track of what shows are hot, right now. Simply select the show you want to watch, and Tweex will automatically select the best possible Twitter #Tags and @Names for an awesome commentary on the show. It adds a whole new element to watching any show on TV!

And, the magic doesn't stop there. You can add your own #Tags and @Names to the view, and customize your experience.

When you tweet, Tweex excels as well. Try clicking on some of your #tags as you tweet. You'll notice that Tweex inserts your tags into the tweet you're writing, making it quick and easy to comment on any show.

Tweex remembers your recent shows, making it easy to watch and tweet about your favorite shows each week.


First, please check to see if if your show already exists in our system. We've got a pretty big list of shows!

The best way to add a show is to select the "Share" button when you've got some items in the Tag Rack area. A dialog box will open allowing you to enter a Title, Description and select a category for your show. Click OK, and your show has been submitted. It may take some time for the show to be made available to all viewers. Please be patient.

It can take some time for a new show to be approved. Please be patient!

As you're watching a "What's On Now" show, Tweex reports back to our servers with the keywords you're using right now and your location/timezone. It reports this information back once a minute, and reports nothing that identifies you. The data is reported anonymously.

On the server, we use this data to determine which shows are popular, right now, in each time zone, and to determine which keywords are popular for each show.

Note that we are planning to add some really cool features to Tweex in the future to allow you to "check in", get badges, and unlock new features in the app. When we add these features, we may update this information.

Swipe across the search term on the left-hand bar from left to right. A delete button will appear! Click on that.

The Tag Rack is not visible if you are viewing your normal Twitter timeline. It only appears for Twitter searches, or when a Tweex show has been selected.

We absolutely LOVE to hear your ideas. You can simply send us an email at, and we'll add it to our list. We're working on a ton of new features all the time and will add your idea to our pile!