Tweex is the Twitter App for TV Lovers

We built Tweex because we love tweeting, and we love TV! We made Tweex easy to use, and unobtrusive while you watch your favorite TV shows or sports events. But, that’s not all! We’ve found that Tweex is also great at conferences or other similar live events. It makes live-tweeting really easy!

What’s On Now ?

What’s On Now is an up-to-the-second list of TV Shows, Conferences, Events, and News from around the Twitterverse, contributed by Tweex users. The list is sorted in order of popularity – the most popular shows, in your area, are displayed at the top of the list. Tweex’s servers maintain a list of TV shows and events that are happening, world-wide. Use “What’s On Now” to see what shows are popular right now, in your region, or select your show from our large list of Shows On Now. Our server will send you #tag and @user keyword suggestions, obtained from live statistics gathered from thousands of Tweex users world-wide. You’ll see the most interesting and up-to-date quotes and information about the show you’re watching. If there’s a guest star this week, chances are their @name will automatically be included in the list of keywords. You’ll see their tweets as the show airs live, or check back to see their comments as they filmed the episode.

New! TweeVR

This is a terrific feature for us PVR owners! TweeVR mode allows you to “roll back the tweet clock” and view the tweets that actually happened when the PVR’d show originally aired!
This is an essential feature for anyone who loves sports! Now you can watch the game without any fear of spoilers!
Here’s how it works:
Lets say, you PVR’d “The Big Bang Theory” at 8pm on Thursday. And, today, Wil Wheaton is starring as his “Evil Wil” character, and you KNOW that Wil loves to live tweet as the show airs.
When you get home, later that night, fire up the PVR, and get ready to watch the show. Now, in Tweex, simply select “The Big Bang Theory” from What’s On Now, then click on the “Clock” icon, and change the time back to 8pm, Today. Tweex will “Roll back the tweet clock” to 8pm, and start showing you Wil’s tweets in sync with the show you’re watching.
But there’s even more!
If you skip ahead during the commercials, simply click on the “Skip Ahead” button in Tweex, to sync the tweet stream back up with your show! It’s like fast-forwarding tweets! You don’t miss anything, but, you’re in sync with your PVR’d show!
There’s even a Pause button! If you pause your PVR, you can click Pause in Tweex, to pause your tweets as well!

Tweet Filtering – eliminate the crappy Tweets!

There’s nothing worse than trying to follow along with the tweet stream for your favorite show, when there are tons of tweets like “Cool!” or “Bob is watching @getglue”, or “I love this show”.
Use the Tweet Filtering built into Tweex to triage your tweets! Choose anything from minimal filtering, to heavy-duty filtering with Tweex! We’ve built a very smart system into Tweex that eliminates the garbage, leaving behind the great, informative tweets that you really want to see!

Other cool Tweex features for TV:

  • TweeVR – play back tweets in sync with shows you’ve PVR’d
  • Click on the arrow icon at the top of the screen to automatically get rid of annoying tweets like “me too” or “I love this show” or endless chains of Retweets of the same tweet.
  • Click on #tags in a tweet to immediately see other tweets with this tag, and decide whether to add it to the current search, or create a new search with this tag.
  • Click on any search term to insert it into the tweet at the cursor.
  • Special buttons to insert # or @ into a tweet at the cursor. Much easier than trying to find # or @ on the iPad keyboard
  • Click on tweeter’s name or photo to view their profile, and follow/unfollow and add them to your search parameters.
  • WhatTheTrend values are displayed for search queries, if they are available.
  • You can easily create searches with multiple search terms
  • You can easily toggle search terms on and off by clicking on them.
  • Long click on a search term to see other options: Delete, DM, Show Profile,
  • Suggest a trend – takes your current search terms and shares them with other users of the app.
  • Also, option to add an  @user to the current search

Tweex also has all the basic features of a Twitter application.

  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Display Twitter timeline
  • Display Direct Messages to you
  • Displays Twitter trends, for your region.
  • Links in tweets are directly clickable (don’t have to open the tweet in a new window, then click on the link)
  • Click on @tags in a  tweet to see the user’s profile, some recent tweets, and follow/unfollow and add them to your search
  • Shorten URL’s
  • Follow conversations by clicking on the “Conversation Bubble”
  • View Favorites, @Mentions, Retweets, Lists, etc.
  • Star a tweet
  • Retweet a tweet
  • Retweet and Quote a tweet
  • Reply to a tweet
  • Direct Message
  • Email a tweet
  • View http links in a browser
  • Email link to any page open in the browser
  • Open the web  page in safari
  • Quick and easy tweeting
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Display, Add, and Delete Basic Twitter searches
  • Profile View – makes it easy to decide if you should follow someone
  • Shows the user’s profile
  • Shows the user’s number of followers
  • Shows their profile info
  • And shows recent tweets by this user.
  • View Profile image at full size