Tweex Press Kit

What's On NowTweex is a cool Twitter app for iPad that gives you an easy way to follow and Tweet about your favorite TV shows or events.

Since TV viewers are more engaged and interactive than ever before, Tweex provides you with the unique features necessary for participating in social viewing.

Tweex is designed to be an easy to use, and unobtrusive companion application while you watch your favorite TV shows, sports events or even while you attend a conference.

You can find Tweex in the App Store.

Press Kit

Tweex is a pretty standard Twitter client - with some special magic intended for TV viewers. If you select any of the items under "Twitter" on the left-hand side, you'll see that Tweex behaves pretty much like every twitter client - though we think it does some things pretty well - better than most clients.

However, if you select "What's On Now" from the left-hand side, you'll discover a whole new world of Twitter goodness! Our servers keep track of what shows are hot, right now. Simply select the show you want to watch, and Tweex will automatically select the best possible Twitter #Tags and @Names for an awesome commentary on the show. It adds a whole new element to watching any show on TV!

And, the magic doesn't stop there. You can add your own #Tags and @Names to the view, and customize your experience.

When you tweet, Tweex excels as well. Try clicking on some of your #tags as you tweet. You'll notice that Tweex inserts your tags into the tweet you're writing, making it quick and easy to comment on any show.

Tweex remembers your recent shows, making it easy to watch and tweet about your favorite shows each week.

Tweex Features for Watching TV

  • Click on the arrow icon at the top of the screen to automatically get rid of annoying tweets like “me too” or “I love this show” or endless chains of Retweets of the same tweet.
  • Click on #tags in a tweet to immediately see other tweets with this tag, and decide whether to add it to the current search, or create a new search with this tag.
  • Click on any search term to insert it into the tweet at the cursor.
  • Special buttons to insert # or @ into a tweet at the cursor. Much easier than trying to find # or @ on the iPad keyboard
  • Click on tweeter’s name or photo to view their profile, and follow/unfollow and add them to your search parameters.
  • WhatTheTrend values are displayed for search queries, if they are available.
  • You can easily create searches with multiple search terms
  • You can easily toggle search terms on and off by clicking on them.
  • Long click on a search term to see other options: Delete, DM, Show Profile,
  • Suggest a trend – takes your current search terms and shares them with other users of the app.
  • Also, option to add an  @user to the current search

Tweex Basic Twitter Features

  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Display Twitter timeline
  • Display Direct Messages to you
  • Displays Twitter trends, for your region.
  • Links in tweets are directly clickable (don’t have to open the tweet in a new window, then click on the link)
  • Click on @tags in a  tweet to see the user’s profile, some recent tweets, and follow/unfollow and add them to your search
  • Star a tweet
  • Retweet a tweet
  • Retweet and Quote a tweet
  • Reply to a tweet
  • Direct Message
  • Email a tweet
  • View http links in a browser
  • Email link to any page open in the browser
  • Open the web  page in safari
  • Quick and easy tweeting
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Display, Add, and Delete Basic Twitter searches
  • Profile View – makes it easy to decide if you should follow someone
  • Shows the user’s profile
  • Shows the user’s number of followers
  • Shows their profile info
  • And shows recent tweets by this user.

Please watch the brief video below to see Tweex in action!

What's On Now

Turn filtering on/off

Up-to-the-second tweets about the show or event

Finding a show

How to suggest a show

Add a #Tag

TV Tweet Panel

Ignore a #tag or @user

Delete a tag from the tag rack

If you have any questions regarding Tweex please contact:

Sarah Ormon

613-591-9002 x255

@SaRaHOrMoN or @TweexHQ

Tweex was built by InGenius Software.