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Turn filtering on/off

Turn filtering on to automatically get rid of annoying tweets like "me too" or "I love this show" or endless chains of RT of the same tweet.

Up-to-the-second tweets about the show or event

The tag rack displays the most popular tags for your show.

Filter out information by turning the tags off or on.

Finding a show

Quickly find a show or event using the search menu.

How to suggest a show

Didn't find the show or event you were looking for? Simply add it yourself!

Add a #Tag

Easily add a #tag to the Tag Rack by tapping on a #tag in your twitter stream.

TV Tweet Panel

Easily create a tweet with the TV Tweet Panel! Just tap on any of the #tags or @users in the tag rack to include them in your tweet.

Ignore a #tag or @user

Eliminate the trash from your twitter stream and get only the tweets that you want by ignoring a #tag or @user.

Delete a tag from the tag rack

Easily delete a #tag from the Tag Rack.