The Tweex Logo

by Sarah on December 6, 2010

Designed by Jamie Jones, the Tweex logo contains references to a past famous ad, InGenius office decor and of course Twitter.
Tweex Logo

Do you remember the famous Maxell Ad of the 1980s? “Blown Away Guy”
Maxell "Blown Away" Ad
Jamie’s art work paid an homage the the pop culture icon, but added a small shout out to the InGenius Office with the Red square chair.
InGenius Lobby

Finally, the blazingly obvious Twitter reference with the blue Twitter bird rounded out the logo.

Tweex was designed and built by InGenius with the purpose of enhancing the experience of watching TV (be it sports or a regular TV program). And trust me, once you use Tweex you’ll understand the reference to the “Blown Away Guy”!

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