Tweex 2.0 is released!

by rich on June 8, 2011

Tweex 2.0 has now been released!

What’s New:

  • TweeVR mode! One of the most requested features has finally been released. TweeVR mode allows you to “wind the tweet clock back” to replay Tweets in “real-time” while watching a recorded show! For example, if you record “The Voice” on your PVR, then watch it a couple of hours or days later, simply enter the time the show originally aired into Tweex using the handy time travel control panel. Now, Tweex will play back the tweets as though you’re watching the show live! And of course, choosing “The Voice” in our “What’s Hot” list will automatically show you the best # and @ tags to use for your show! TweeVR mode is great for any show you’ve PVR’d, especially sports events. Its great for avoiding spoilers.
  • Additional Timelines: We’ve added the rest of the standard Twitter timelines: My Tweets, Favorites, @Mentions, Retweets, Lists, etc.
  • Improved Filtering: We’ve improved on the filtering added in Tweex 1.1. Use Filtering by clicking on the downward pointing arrows icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Filtering gets rid of all the short, annoying, useless “Me Too” tweets, but makes sure to retain the tweets you really want to see.
  • Conversation View: Now, easily view a whole Twitter conversation. Click on the “Conversation Bubble” to see all the tweets you’re reading in order. Don’t get left out of the conversation!
  • URL Shortening: Easily shorten URL’s in your tweets
  • Improved Profile View adds features, and full size profile image view.

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