Tweex, what’s the big deal?

by Sarah on November 30, 2010

Ok so we are about to release Tweex into BETA and I am super excited. Why, you might ask?  Well, this app is going to change the way we tweet on our iPads!

While watching our favorite TV shows and sporting events or participating in conferences we currently have to do the painful task of performing several searches for the show or event, followed by another search for a series of #tag references, then hoping that we can follow the event stream and remember all the tags. Oh, and let’s not forget the hassle of wanting to follow any of the key actors, athletes or keynote speakers during the show! Well fret no longer fellow tweeps…Tweex is here to save the day! (Insert cheesy announcement horns here)

With Tweex, you are presented with a What’s On Now list. This is an up-to-the-second list of TV Shows, Sports Events, and Conferences. All you do is click on the show, event or conference you are interested in and you’re instantly connected to the appropriate twitter stream. I know…awesome right!

Well wait, there’s more…

When you are enjoying the stream of precious tweets, Tweex makes it super easy to join the conversation. A special TV Tweet Panel holds all the #tags and @user keywords relevant to your show. So type your tweet, and just click on any of the #tags or @users you want to add and then send. If you notice there is a person or a #tag you want to include in the search terms, Tweex gives you the power to do it!

I could go on and on about all the great features of Tweex, but then what would I write in my next blog entry? Stay tuned…

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