The Twitter TV Relationship

by Sarah on January 11, 2011

So what’s the relationship between Twitter and TV?  Well according to a member of Twitter’s media team Chloe Sladde, what Twitter is “seeing now is that Twitter is, in fact, about flocking audiences back to a shared experience, and that usually means a live one.”

If we just look at the Twitter traffic from the Super Bowl XLIV, which had 351, 544 tweets caused by the Saints, and 179, 360 caused by the Colts there were lot of people watching and sharing their Super Bowl experiences via twitter. Whether they were in the stands, on their sofa, or at the pub Twitter connected all these viewers and allowed them to share the experience and excitement of the Super Bowl game.
It’s not just sports that is getting this type of Twitter attention either. Shows like, Saturday Night Live, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, True Blood, Glee, American Idol and Lost are some of the most influential shows on Twitter.  There are 90 Million Tweets per day and according to Robin Sloan, a good percentage are TV related. This type of social viewing is growing in momentum and, according to Sladde, appears to be what viewers and Twitter users are looking for.  After all, as Fast Company remarks, “If you’re not watching live — and reading the comments from friends, your favorite celebrities, and even total strangers via Twitter — you’re missing half the show.”
Tweex is specifically designed to give iPad users an easy way to follow and contribute to their favorite shows or events so that they don’t have to miss half the show. What Tweex does is apply an extra layer over Twitter to tie twitter users into their favorite shows or events. The crowd-sourced lists of shows under What’s On Now and What’s Hot, along with the relevant #tags and important @users in the tag rack, present users with a simplified way to follow and contribute to conversations about their show. Viewers no longer have to remember all the #tags for their shows when searching or tweeting; it’s really as simple as tapping on a #tag or @user to add them into a tweet. What Tweex really does is puts the viewer into a “global living room” where they can easily share their experience with others.
As Twitter users continue to connect with each other over TV programs and events, one must wonder how these networks will leverage twitter and their engaged audiences. I think Sloan had it correct in his talk at GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference that Synchronous Show Tweeting, Social Viewing and New Kinds of Content are things that would make these events more powerful. With Tweex, iPad users will be able to plug-in to these conversation much easier and actually cash-in on the Twitter initiatives presented by their favorite programs, characters, actors, athletes, celebrities, and other twitter users.

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