What’s New in Tweex 1.1?

by Sarah on February 27, 2011

Captain Obvious Changes and Brand Spankin’ New Features:

1. We listened, and we’ve trashed the old color scheme! The new color scheme is less offensive to the retina.

2.We’ve added an AMAZING new feature – Tweet filtering! Automatically get rid of annoying tweets like “me too” or “I love this show” or endless chains of Retweets of the same tweet. The arrow icon lets you turn tweet filtering on or off.

3. Ads in the lite version have been removed from the tweet stream and placed in a dedicated Ad space at the bottom of the screen. (Of course you could always upgrade and get rid of the ads entirely!)

4. The ability to search Twitter Trending Topics by region has been added. This is only available for the upgraded version (wink* wink* nudge* nudge).

5. When you do a search (go to a show, trending topic or type in a search), the results highlight and show the most popular tweets, as defined by Twitter, at the top. Tweex will keep you in the know!

The Sexy Subtleties:

1. Scrolling speed and smoothness has been improved. It’s just like buttah.

2. Tweet view automatically refreshes when changes have been made to the tag rack, and the tweets you were reading are still in view.

3. The tag rack has been enlarged to show more tags.

4. Verified/Private icons are now shown for appropriate accounts. Let’s be honest, you gotta make sure you’re talking to the real Justin Bieber.

5. #Tags are now clickable in a user profile view and vice versa.

6. We’ve added info in the title bar to show the topic being followed.

7. “What’s Hot” and Trending Topics refresh more frequently. We don’t want you to get left behind.

8. Insertion of tags when writing a tweet is way smarter.

9. We’ve raised our standards for “What’s Hot” so the shows that are listed there are truly the most watched shows and not just a list.

We put the boots to a few issues from 1.0:

1. The random Retweet mishaps of 1.0 are now a thing of the past. RT is functioning exactly as it should. No more WTF replies from your followers!

2. Topic tree has been flattened with the Twitter topics now in the root so you don’t have to tap yourself into oblivion getting to your timeline.

3. Categories with no shows under them do not show up. Duh!

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